Where the city meets the sea is where you’ll find me.



Photographer & Writer

I document life in New York City, one story, one photograph at a time. I’m currently working on photo projects and a memoir, Falling Waters. My photography work recently appeared in West Texas Literary Review.

In the fall of 2018, I moved to the Rockaways, and I knew at once I’d come home.

I photograph beach life, water birds, graffiti art, and more with a primary focus on surf photography. Every day it’s a new process, experimenting with the sun and the light, the waves and the ocean, and the surfers and their artistry.

I offer surf photo sessions 7 days a week. Also I post photos from my weekly surf shoots in my online store.

You can follow my photo journey on Instagram @lifeofrileynyc. This is my Life of Riley.

Contact me at lifeofrileynyc@gmail.com

Office —
190 Beach 69th Street
Arverne, NY 11692
(718) 913-6396