My Story

I document my life in New York City, one story, one photograph at a time. I’m currently working on a memoir, Falling Waters. You can follow my photo journey on Instagram @lifeofrileynyc.

I started out as that person, the one who’d take a photo and without fail show a thumb or only half of a head or any other stereotypical faux pas that comes to mind. No one ever asked me to take photos for them. Never. It was a family joke for a long time. And I was fine with that. I accept my shortcomings. But then I quit my stressful marketing job to attend college for the first time. I studied English Lit and Creative Writing. That step backwards in order to move forward built this rich creative path I’ve been following ever since.

After moving from Florida to New York City, and living in an apartment situated on an island on the island of Manhattan, my eyes opened to a whole new light. I started playing around with the camera, a cheap little Sony, and my iPhone(s). My husband, Bill, a good photographer as well as our family photographer, saw my interest in bettering my skills and guided me in techniques and style. In time I began showing others my photos or meeting up with fellow photographer friends for day shoots. As my surroundings blossomed so did my skills. And yes, they all started asking me to take the photos.

I recently moved to the Rockaways, literally NYC’s best kept secret. I’m loving the beach life. I mean talk about the Life of Riley. I photograph everything from seagulls to surfers to graffiti art to the mta train. I’m surrounded by the best of both worlds—still a part of NYC while trading the daily chaos for zen vibes. I now use my beloved Nikon d5300 and my trusted iPhone to capture my world.

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